About Us

About us

It’s of great importance to us that your child improves their English quickly, as well as learning about England and the Western world during lessons. We GUARANTEE your child will speak ENGLISH to a high standard if your child is with us for our 18 month English Programme. We can also offer IELTS and TOEFL preparations.
How can we guarantee your child speaks English if with us for 18 months?

Simply, if your child is willing to apply themselves and learn with us we can be sure they will learn quickly and effectively. If we feel there is a problem with meeting goals we set, we will tell you. Improving your child’s English needs to be in class and at home. We will give you all the support you need to further their English whilst away from class.

Our general aim to to take each individual students level of English grammar, pronunciation, and understand of the language higher with each level of our English Programme.

The very foundation of English language is good understanding and an ability to pronounce English clearly and concisely. With our native speakers we will concentrate of accuracy of pronunciation.

All of Songkhla English School staff are either native English speakers, or have spent extensive time learning pronunciation in England, South Africa, or America. Thai teachers are necessary for ages in Thai when necessary. It’s unrealistic to expect your child to fully grasp English and so a combination of Thai and English will speed your child’s English learning.

Songkhla English School specialises in the improvement of English Language to students from the ages of 6 to 16. We also have a special adult class with English native tutors only. The specific requirements of each student needs to be discussed clearly with our School to create a bespoke package which will maximise your learning as quickly and accurately as possible.

The big problem with learning English at school is there is no focus on PRONUNCIATION. Reading and writing can only progress your child to a point. The main objective of learning English is to improve career prospects, if your child cannot speak English clearly, then there was no value to learn to write English. We intend to close this gap between writing and speaking bringing your child a successful future.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Really helped me get my Thai team on track with English Language Thanks.

- George Novitsky, Company CEO

Been looking for a good business solution to my Language requirements for a while now thank you.

- Jack Goldsmith, Company Creative Director